Top 5 Photo Recovery Apps For Android

 Top 5 Photo Recovery Apps For Android

Many times it happens that due to the lack of phone memory, we have to delete the necessary photos from our mobile. Sometimes instead of one or two photos, all the photos are deleted from the folder. But do you know that you can get all the photos deleted from the phone back.

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You may think this is impossible, but today we are going to tell you about some such apps, with the help of which all the photos deleted from your phone will be returned to you. Also, all the following apps are easily available on the Google Play Store.

  • Restore image

You do not need to resort to computer to recover deleted images from mobile or tablet with restore image. The app size is small and it works easily with all Android devices.

Photo Recovery


  1. Compatible with ROM and additional SD Cards
  2. You can recover your photos by choosing different folders as per your need.
  3. No additional backup service or routing is required to use the app.
  4. Recovering photos from the app is very easy. It is not necessary to have any additional skills to recover photos.

  • Dig Deep Image Recovery

Dig deep app is considered quite popular as compared to other photo recovery apps. The internal and external memory of your mobile is scanned deeply. Along with photos, it also includes options to recover other files, documents.


  1. Mobile does not require routing when recovering photos.
  2. Jpg, jpeg, png is capable of recovering all other files.
  3. The app is very user friendly, due to which you can recover your deleted photos by yourself. You do not need the help of a technician.

  • Recover Deleted All Files, Video, Photo and Contact

Through this app you can not only recover photos and videos, but also successfully recover contacts, files, documents.


  1. You can recover your data from any storage medium.
  2. Deleted contacts from mobile can also be recovered.
  3. You can also save the recovered data to Google Drive.

  • View Deleted Messages & Photo Recovery


 This photo recovery app, you can recover deleted messages as well as photos.


  1. Are able to recover deleted messages, contacts and photos from mobile.
  2. You can also lock the app with a password.
  3. The app protects and protects your personal data as well.

  • Deleted Photo Recovery

You do not need to root your mobile or tablet to use this app. You can recover photos differently by choosing different albums or folders. Also, the work of recovering your photos is completed within a few minutes through this app.


  1. There is no need of root system or internet connection for recovery of photos.
  2. Capable of scanning external and internal memory.
  3. Photos, media as well as contacts and messages are also recovered.
  4. User-friendly Functions with good speed.

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