Business Ideas in city without any investment

Business Ideas in city without any investment

Business Ideas in city without any investment
Business Ideas without any investment

If you want to know that how to do business with no money, then in this topic we will try our best to tell you how you can do business in any situation without any investment and that You can also earn money by running well.

 First of all, if you do not have money for business, then you should first think about what work you can do, (mostly this business is for those people who have reached a different city and they have to go there for some reason. money is needed).

clay selling business

It may seem a bit different to you, but, in this way it happens in the city, people are not able to get good soil to plant their balcony. So you can bring soil from outside the city or by going to the bank of the river and you can see that soil by walking around the city.

Nowadays people in the city prefer to grow vegetables at home, for that they start growing vegetables on the balcony and in the window. When vegetables are grown again and again on the same land or soil, it does not come of good quality, then there they have to change the soil which is in it, now they have to take this soil outside the city because in the city So there is no good soil.

 You will get soil for free, just for this, you will have to go a little far from the city, where you can get soil instead of water.

 How come you get some money, then you can start selling plants to people by planting those plants in the soil where plants are sold or where you get plants.

 If you sell soil at ₹ 20 according to KG, then in the day you can earn easily from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 10000 in the beginning. To have more sales, you can go to people's buildings and see them by calling there.

 To pursue this business, when you have more money, then you can start your shop at any one place where people can come anytime and if they want soil then they can buy soil and if they need any plant. If needed, you can also buy that plant from here.

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